Capsules, tablets (chewable and regular), and ready-to-drink powders for the dietary supplement industry.

We can do most sizes for basic bottles and stock many glass and plastic options. Additional options available include blister packaging, pouching, and sample packaging.
We ask for minimum order amounts of 1000 units or more, or 50,000 bulk pills or more.
In addtion to manufacturing products custom and fresh for our customers, we have a variety of stock products available for private label or bulk.


We are a FDA registered facility and cGMP certified by NSF.

We are very experienced with probiotic product manufacturing. We also make excellent chewable tablets and powders.
We have some international customers. We ask that our customers keep us updated on the local customs requirements, and schedule all shipments FOB Wausau, WI.
We work with large and small customers and can adapt to each customer’s specific needs.
For new products, we ask for an 8-10 week lead time from the date the PO is placed and initial payment is received. For subsequent orders, 6-8 weeks are required. In some instances, rush order services may be offered for a nominal fee.
We take pride in our customer service and ability to be very flexible to assist with a variety of customer requests. We go above and beyond to help customers in every way possible to get their product to market as quickly as possible.