FAQs About Flexatine

How often should I take Flexatine?

For some individuals, just taking 2 tablets daily is enough to feel the Flexatine Difference.
For critical maintenance, take 2 tablets every 6 hours, or as directed by your doctor.

How do I buy Flexatine?

Flexatine is available to order through the “Order Now” button with a special discount if you provide the discount PIN provided to you by a medical professional.

I am a medical professional. How can I provide Flexatine to my patients?

Please contact [email protected] to learn how to get started with the Flexatine program.

Can I take Flexatine with other joint supplements?

Flexatine may be taken with other glucosamine/chondroitin supplements. If you are taking prescriptions, always talk with a medical professional before adding a new supplement to your health regime.